Smart Weighing Scale for Millennials

InnovWeight M Smart Digital Weighing Scale with Body Fat Analyzer

At home, we’re using this kind of weighing scale simply because it has body fat analyzer, which you could use to figure out your BMI and hopes to kind of, do something about it. Also, it measures 8 key health parameters, the body weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, body water and bone mass. I honestly don’t read those stuffs but yeah, it sounds cool to have those features, right? The main thing I like about this smart weighing scale is that it has a mobile application which you can download in your smartphone’s store such as Apple Store and Google Playstore and keep a digital track of your weight. I think, it’s really helpful for us, whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight. At least, you’ll have easy access to know your progress. Remember that any progress, big or small, it counts. How to use it? Simple. Turn on your cellphone’s Bluetooth to pair it with the device by standing on the weighing scale to kind of activate it and then, done. The product description says that the app could store up to 10 people’s record so, perfect for the family or gang whatever, whoever. This is a screenshot of my profile, showing the list on my weight for a month. Just a reminder, sometimes it will take you to stand on it three times or more so it could get your weight. It’s annoying,  I know but the trick is that keep your cellphone beside you and just be patient. It will really take a few seconds to work when you want to record your result. But, of course when you just want to check your weight, just stand on it and it will flash your weight instantly. There is this one time that our weighing scale is just out in the open and our cat steps on it and I swear it turns on and flashes 4.4 kg bright LED lights. It’s funny because we thought it only works on humans. It doesn’t happen always but, I think it only works when my cat’s toe or toes are touching those kind of lemon looking silvers, so yeah, it really doesn’t normally turns on with pets. We purchased this at Lazada at around 2017. I think at this same store,  AJA Merchandise. Hey, it’s 2019 now and it is still good and we haven’t really replace the batteries yet. Here’s the direct link in Lazada to get yours. This post is not sponsored. Just to help people to get their money’s worth.
photo from Lazada store AJA Merchandise

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