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Hi! I’m Gee. The ‘gee’ in ‘kimeowgee’. Kim’s the owner of this blog. I’ll be the other writer to share some stories of my, I mean our, Keto Journey and some other things.

Here’s a reference picture to remind myself of my goal. I was a lot healthier (in my own terms) way back in college. I gained a lot of weight over the years of binge eating and not really exercising. Until this year of 2019, I kind of decided and hopefully commit to lose weight. It’s for a healthier me. My family has a lineage of diabetes type 2 so, I really wanted to avoid getting it at all cost. Maybe, it’s not too late for me to start going back to my old weight, right?

So, why did I try the Keto Diet?

I am overweight for years already. I hate exercising. I don’t like getting sweaty. I hate the heat and I live in the tropical country and I hate getting dirty. So, a diet like this will probably work for me.

Did Keto diet work for me? I tried it for a month and here’s what happened.

Yes. I started this Keto diet on January 2, 2019. New year’s resolution? Yeah. I know, typical huh. I weigh about 70.2 kg or 155 lbs. at that time with a BMI of 28.5 (overweight). I’d like to add a note that my height is 5’2. Yes, I’m Asian, so yeah, I’m a little lady.

I did Keto diet for a month and lost 4.4 kg or 9.7 lbs.

Screenshot taken from Innovweight App

(If you want to know what kind of weighing scale this is, see this post.)

It may look like a very slow progress for a month but to those who have really slow metabolism and very lazy to do some exercise such as myself could understand that it is a big thing. Like, I was so happy already with that result. I’d also like to emphasize that my starting waistline is 36.5 inches but now, I’m already at 34 inches. That’s a big thing for me because I never really go into “diet”. I did not starve myself.

How did I do it?

I ate normally. I ate just like before. I just did some switching with my meals. I made sure that I consume 70% of Good Fats, 25 % of Proteins and 5% of Carbohydrates in my daily meals.

How to start doing Keto diet?
Well, before starting this kind of diet, in our household we rarely eat our meals with rice because Kim is really trying to keep her weight in check but she really wants to get rid of belly fat. Kim’s not fat, she’s actually underweight for her height but she’s got this stubborn belly fat so she decided to got herself in Keto diet with me. So, our old diet is the usual meat with veggies but we consume carbs, lots of it actually. We like pasta, bread, chips, cookies, candies, sodas and alcohol. I think every carb is in our household.
The last month of 2018, we kind of consume less of carbs in preparation for this diet. We also consumed every carbs in our house on that month. 2019 came as we started Keto after eating, of course the left overs from holidays. LOL.
How was the experience in doing Keto diet?
At that time, we also researched a lot about Keto. We really wanted to do it right this time. We looked online to find out how to get into Ketosis. How to find suitable meals like bread, desserts and other source of our usual ‘carbs’ to stay in Ketosis.
We actually found out that the start of getting in Ketosis is kind of hard (depends on a body). I got a Keto Flu. Kim never had it. Keto Flu is the usual Flu, they say it’s normal due to your body adjusting from using sugar or carb as energy and then using the fats as energy.
After about a week of being sick, every thing went normal except some changes in my mood and body. I’m no longer super sleepy during the day. I’m still sleepy on boring times, of course. But, I mean, I don’t feel heavy anymore. I don’t feel like going back to bed after eating. I feel that my body has to move a bit or do something. I am thirsty always, forcing me to drink and consume more water. Before doing Keto, I think my daily intake of water is 3 glasses only. I like juices more or sodas. But, Keto made me thirsty so hooray my kidneys will thank me later.
I ate meals with lots of healthy meat fats and veggies. I tried not to consume ‘sugary’ foods so my body and mind would adjust faster. I still crave sweets even after a month of depriving myself from eating real sugar but I have done a lot of trial and error recipes for bread, cheesecake, pudding, milk teas and many more foods so we would never feel deprived with this way of eating. I noticed that my weight is dropping and gaining all throughout the month. It’s not really just dropping down entirely so do not obsess yourself with the weighing scale and do not ever get frustrated.
I lost weight. Kim didn’t lost weight.
She actually consumed a lot of foods than me because she really is not into losing weight but she’s on a Keto diet to lose fats. Her weight is still the same but, her waistline dropped. Her waistline is 33.5 inches and it dropped down at 30 inches after a month. She also did not do any kind of exercise.
See? Different persons, different results.
Do I recommend it?
I am not an expert to say such things but I do suggest consult the doctors or dietitians or talk to your self about it. It worked for me because I dedicated some time for it to work. I also decided to do it because of many positive results that I’ve seen. One of my former co worker did it and it worked for her. So, maybe, in a long way from now, I could too. I’m still in a long way to achieve my desired goal weight but I can really feel that I may do it this time. Of course, I will post and update the blog if that time comes. Keto is a lifestyle change.
I have pledged myself to commit to it until I achieve my goal. So, let’s just see. I have a lot to say about this topic but I will discuss it in a separate blog post. If you would want to know in detail how I did Keto diet. I’ll make a separate blog post for that. To read my “own” guide to get into Keto. Just keep being updated from this blog.  <3



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